Megatech started as an audio visual company back in the mid nineties; hence we grew to be one of the strongest AV installers in the country.

In many commercial buildings, audio visual is one of the most vital systems that add value to the business atmosphere.

Professional Sound System

With superb sound quality, and homogeneously distributed music, the listening experience is exquisite, and naturally the level of enjoyment is enhanced in different events or venues from background music in the lobby of a hotel to high intensity sound in a music concert.

Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems (PA/VA)

Public address and voice alarm systems can be installed along side fire alarm systems to improve the evacuation of people. These systems are essential in larger buildings or where phased evacuation (e.g. floor by floor) is required. Voice Alarm systems can be used to accurately direct people's escape in a controlled fashion.

Conference system and interpretation systems

Now everyone is conscious that Audio and Video Conferencing Units are the future of communication. With conferencing, corporate organizations can communicate with clients/suppliers all over the world with complete easy. Schools and Universities can also use Conferencing units, either audio or video, to incorporate lectures from other locations and to facilitate distance learning.

Video Projection System

In the last decade, video projection technology has undergone a revolution. As a pioneering integrator, Megatech offers top-notch projection displays and visualization solutions for any type of content from everyday business, education and training applications, scientific exploration via 3D visualization and simulation to the latest frontiers of artistic expression.

Dimming & Lighting Control System

By taking control of all types of artificial light sources, dimming and lighting control can enhance the visual and working environment as well as increasing the energy saving.

When incorporating dimming, time schedules, daylight sensors and occupancy detectors, we maximize control and energy savings for all types of lighting across large spaces.