Automation & Building Management Systems

Buildings need centralized control to operate all the different systems concurrently. All systems such as HVAC, access control, CCTV, lighting, power distribution … etc, will be monitored and controlled in an integrated manner from a single software platform. This integration will create comfort and enhance efficiency to occupants and owners.

Intelligent building management systems can be implemented in schools, universities, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, factories and any other industry you can think of.  This will lead to energy efficiency and will create a comfortable, economical and secure environment.

Green Building & LEED

Buildings consume 72% of the electricity, 39% of the energy use, 38% of carbon dioxide emissions, 14% of raw material use, and 30% of waste output, therefore corporations and many institutions are adopting the green building concept and certifying their buildings with recognized green building certifications such as LEED. 

Green buildings address climate change, resource depletion, water consumption, degradation of ecosystems / habitat, indoor environmental quality, occupant comfort and productivity, and costs of owning and operating built spaces.

In order to achieve the above, an automation and building management system is required in the building to control and integrate the different systems which will result in reducing the energy consumption and hence enhance the credits required for LEED certifying your building.