When you think commercial, the first thing that should come to your mind is the security of the establishment and its occupants.

Security systems, being the CCTV & surveillance cameras, the intruder detection system, perimeter intrusion detection system and the access control system; all serve to improve the end users operational efficiency, enhance the public safety and enable timely emergency response.

The power and technology of today's CCTV systems can be extremely valuable to business owners. The cameras can be enabled to view anywhere in the world with the ability to simultaneously view multiple sites.

The intrusion detection system objective is to deter, delay, detect, and track potential or actual breaches of the perimeter/premises in a proactive manner, enhance the efficiency of security personnel in responding to security breaches, and provide a high level of protection for persons and property within the secured areas.

To prevent the access and the presence of unauthorized people to a building or a certain office/area, the access control system becomes mandatory since it's a dependable physical control that can't be surpassed.

The level of security you’re seeking depends on your field of work and can be translated by integrating more than one system together by management software giving the end user an open system with huge flexibility and choice.