Audio Visual Systems

A multi–source, multi-zone music/video system, or a multi room audio and video system is a vital ingredient for a true electronic lifestyle. It enables you to select and enjoy the music or video of your choice no matter where you are: in the bedroom, in the game room, on the patio, at the pool… anywhere.

Multi-Room Audio

A great hi-fi is a source of pleasure. But up to now, finding the perfect sound usually involves a tradeoff between aural qualities and visual ones. Racks of hi-tech equipment, huge speakers, twisted spaghetti of speaker cabling made many attractive rooms look like a recording studio. And if you wanted music in another room, you have to start all over again.
With a multi-room audio system none of the above equipment or cabling will be on view. Moreover this multi-zone audio system plays music from a number of different sources to different areas of the house, where various sources can play simultaneously. While your kids are entertaining themselves with her hit songs CD out by the pool, you can listen to the news through the kitchen speakers. The master bedroom, meanwhile, might tune in to jazz from your CD player. Every listening area, or zone, gets its own keypad from which the music can be selected and controlled.

Once you've decided on the type of whole-house music system you want, Megatech will provide you with large variety of in-wall, in-ceiling, bookshelf and outdoor speakers to select from

Multi-Room TV and Video

We live in a multimedia age. The range of sources that can bring pictures to our TV screens is already diverse: terrestrial, satellite, video server, Apple TV, cable, VCR, video camera, DVD, PC and game consoles. Our tastes are fragmenting too. Everyone wants to watch or do something different. By fitting a built in TV distribution system, every visual source can be routed to every TV point in the house, which guarantees maximum flexibility for family members to watch their preferred programs in any room connected with this multi-zone system.

Home Cinema

A surround sound system or home theatre, simply put, is a high quality audio and video entertainment centre that creates the movie experience right in your own home. Basic home theatre systems begin from a basic “Home Theatre in a Box” system for small living rooms featuring a built-in amplifier, to a more powerful system that requires a separate amplifier to drive its powerful speakers.

In addition to this, Megatech specializes in the design of more advanced and integrated dedicated cinema or media rooms with acoustic insulation, custom cinema seats, high definition video source and large screen display and projector. All audio & video equipment can be linked to a touch screen controller that is able to control other sub-systems in the room like lighting, curtains, HVAC and security for what is a true cinema experience at the comfort of your home.