Counter Drones

We design a detection and disruption systems that uses highly specialized technology to achieve unmatched levels of precision and sensitivity that are unachievable with other methods.

Our Anti-drone system provides the following capabilities:

  1. Drone detection – distance, velocity, and azimuth.
  2. Drone identification – what type of drone, model and make (DJI, BeeBop, Valkera etc).
  3. Verification of drone existence – usually for force guidance to locate the drone.
  4. Counter measures – disrupt, foil and neutralize the drone.
  5. Control the entire system from a single unified GUI – Command and Control Center.

System Solution Description:

1) RF Based Drone Detection Sensor:

  • Full frequency spectrum monitoring in real-time.
  • Detects any drone at any frequency.
  • Extremely long-range detection of up to 5-50 km.
  • Ultra-wide frequency range of 9kHz to 20GHz (Optional).
  • AI-powered frequency monitoring and DF, including altitude information.
  • High target tracking accuracy with 360°A/60°E full dome coverage.
  • Locates drone swarms and position of drone operators.
  • Detects, tracks and counters 3G, 4G and 5G drones.

2) Directional Drone Jamming Module:

  • Long-Range Counter-UAS Distance and Coverage 1-3 KM.
  • Complete Control, Supports Forensic Investigation.
  • Multi-band Selective Jamming – Defeat ALL Commercial Drones.
  • Defeat ALL GNSS Networks.
  • High-Performance Internal Antenna with Adjustable Elevation Angle.
  • Take Control of Your Airspace with Central Command & Control Station.
  • Highly Accurate Autonomous Mapping, Remote Operation.
  • All Weather Conditions, 24/7, Mission-Ready in Minutes.

3) Drone Surveillance Radar:

  • Third generation high-resolution C-UAS X-Band surveillance radar, detection of low altitude moving targets.
  • micro quadcopters and micro fixed-wing UAS (RCS≤0.01m2) with extended elevation coverage.
  • A Low Probability of Interception (LPI) radar, which means that it is virtually undetectable while in operation.
  • Can be complemented with electro-optical platforms.
  • Designed to operate under all-weather conditions and can be deployed virtually anywhere.

4) EOIR:

  • 2MP 1/2.8" Visible and 5th Gen Uncooled VOx IR Sensors.
  • Long Range Zoom Lens.
  • LWIR VOx Thermal Imager.
  • High Precision Pan-Tilt Resolver.

5) Command and Control Center GUI: Real-time updates with user-friendly interface