Home Automation

When equipping your home with the best in modern technology, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is how to control all the various systems in your home. After all, there is no point having the latest gear if it's too complex for anyone to actually use!

A solution that you might want to consider is an automation and control system such as Crestron. Using a single interface, all your systems; security, lighting and dimming, multi-room audio, home cinema, and heating / cooling, can be controlled via a single keypad or touch screen, making life that much more convenient.

Automation & Comfort

Automation is about comfort. Lighting and dimming, motorized blinds, drapes, shades, shutters, even widows themselves as well as setting the desired temperature level. All of this can be controlled with just a button touch, or better yet, with a timed or scheduled program.

Lighting & Dimming Control

Lighting is one of the fundamental aspects of room design and one of the most elusive. Quite apart from getting the balance just right for each room, there's also the problem of changing it from moment to moment. A different lighting scene is needed for watching television, dining, working, or just sitting relaxing.
Megatech's expertise is in designing a lighting control system to connect your pool and landscape lights, or to protect a home from intrusion by making it appear occupied while you're away. Moreover you will never have to worry about coming home to a dark house after a late night out.

Megatech's lighting control systems will control the soft fade–on of a room's light, which will provide you with both a pleasing effect and eliminates discomfort of your eyes from an abrupt change in light intensity. A slow fade–off or delayed–off will allow you to more easily and safely move from one area to another. Lighting systems also make excellent partners for home theatres; as the curtain goes up on your home theatre, the lights can dim to set the stage.

Window & Shutter Control 

No one would consider for a minute building a home without windows. We must have more sunlight for our houseplants to flourish, for our art studio to be filled with natural light and to enjoy the breathtaking experience from our Mountain View property. Control of motorized windows, blinds & shutters can be done by the same keypads and touch screens used for the lighting, music, and home automation system for less wall clutter and more centralized control.

Temperature Control

A single thermostat serves most homes and this thermostat reads the air temperature and responds by adjusting the heating or air conditioner based on that reading and the setting you have selected. The result of depending on one thermostat would be that while the upstairs bedroom is registering a toasty 30°C, the downstairs living room is freezing at 20°C. One thermostat can't measure the temperature of every single room in the house. Maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the house requires a zoned heating and cooling system, which works with your existing heating and air conditioner, regulating the temperature in each area of the house precisely to your specifications. Based on temperature readings and thermostat settings, a zoned heating and cooling controller instructs motorized dampers to open or close to meet the heating and cooling demands of the respective zones