UTM Systems

A strong and complete business can make all the difference, and we believe that the airspace should be open, connected, and automated with Proven Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) architecture

With a fleet of drones to manage, our system allows you to easily manage and stay connected to your drones. With the ability to track where individual drones are in real-time and have a full corporate overview of your fleet, you can utilize your assets and get the maximum return. You will be able to track every one accurately, ensuring safety and operational efficiency. Which is where we come in. Our market-leading platform gives you the tools to plan, manage, execute and track your fleet, all at your fingertips. You’ll also have a fully auditable record of flights and operations.

Our value proposition is that we connect people, places and skies, making everything work.

We partner with our clients building the future together, Providing you with a safe, secure and innovative platform to manage general aviation and UAV`s together